Corporate Responsibility

MMBM Mining takes it's corporate responsibility very seriously. Great care and sensitivity in the community is maintained at all times, respect, openness, education and inclusiveness is practiced and not given lip service. To this end,
Investment in Road Infrastructure
Connecting Villages
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  2. MMBM has invested in road infrastructure connecting smaller villages to the larger villages. This creates safer transport routes for local taxis to take passengers and goods between villages, thus creating arbitrage incentives.
Investment in Irrigation, Crops, Agriculture
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  2. The firm also donated 10 acres to local farmers, invested in an extensive agricultural project which has led to a successful harvest providing well needed income and benefits the micro economy with locally farmed produce.
Investment in Local Schools Image
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  3. The foundation will also aim to bring European teacher training in to the local schools, charitable clothes, blankets and books.
Investment in Building a Brand New Local Hospital
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  4. MMBM Mining has also invested in the building of a local hospital in the nearby village with current building works underway. This initiative will lead to safer pregnancies by young mothers, much needed care for the elderly in these remote mountain regions, care for local villagers as well as providing care for all MMBM mining personnel. Further, MMBM Mining is currently in talks with a solar panel supplier, a leading London medical training hospital, and currently setting up a charitable foundation to provide medical equipment, medicine, beds, and negotiating for trainee doctors wishing to take part in charitable work/aid to come out to Tanzania when building work is completed.
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  2. In addition to this the firms charitable talks have also extended to providing clean running water and wells for the local villagers, investment in local transportation for villagers and investment aid for villagers to help with housing. These initiatives help to develop social harmony, welfare, medical aid whilst encouraging villagers to build a sustainable economy.
Moreover, villagers are now able to go between villages in half the time prior to MMBM Mining road investment programme. The children will now benefit from better equipped and resourced schools and classrooms. Finally, the community will all benefit from cleaner drinking water whilst the hospitals will service the young as well as the elderly.
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