Core Values

MMBM Mining places at the heart of its business core practices trustworthiness. It achieves this by honestly undertaking to supply and meet contractually, ore advertised and specified to the best of the firms ability. It gives a 100% firm promise and undertaking to provide the finest grade copper ore to its clients at a fair market price and prides itself on its integrity, reliability in producing goods in a timely fashion. Moreover, each client is treated with the utmost respect and loyalty thus maintaining a high level of honesty during every stage of communication.

The core values extend to accountability, working best practices throughout the entire workforce as well as caring for the community. Corporate social responsibilities, fairness and equality amongst female and male workers, ethnicities, respecting and upholding the rule of law governing the land. MMBM Mining also recognises it's important duties to preserve to the best of its ability the livelihood for the indigenous people, farmers, live stock, water reservoirs, care in handling all the firms waste management efficiently. Further, by taking extreme care not to impact negatively on a local or indeed wider environmental level, the firm diligently take all mining activity decisions very responsibly.
Copper (US $ dollars) per tonne | Cash Buyer $4958.00 | Cash Seller & Settlement $4959.00 | 3 months Seller $4931.50 | 3 months Buyer $4931.00    Gold - Bid: $1121.7 Ask: $1121.96 - Change -1.22% Change - 0.11% - Low $1,119.88 High $1,129.35