About Us

MMBM Mining is a privately owned exploration company based in Tanzania East Africa. The firms main objective is to Grow shareholder values by mining metallic metal ores and the production thereof with a primary focus on Copper.

The firm has acquired over 1,000 acres of this mineral rich, copper belt site (CU 42%) that was last successfully mined under German occupation back at the turn of the century. Since then it has been left undiscovered and remained one of Tanzania's best kept secrets until MMBM Mining recent discovery.

Founded in 2014, MMBM Mining's primary focus is to expand the copper ore mining project in Tanzania and bring back large scale copper mining back to this unique region of Tanzania at a relatively low cost. The site and proven historic deposit reserves provide an excellent opportunity for super normal profits.
Copper (US $ dollars) per tonne | Cash Buyer $4958.00 | Cash Seller & Settlement $4959.00 | 3 months Seller $4931.50 | 3 months Buyer $4931.00    Gold - Bid: $1121.7 Ask: $1121.96 - Change -1.22% Change - 0.11% - Low $1,119.88 High $1,129.35